Windows 8.1 is still on the horizon and it looks like Microsoft is going to make some big changes to the operating system, but there’s not much to say about when we’ll see a new version.

While some Windows 8 users are hoping for the upgrade in the next couple of months, others may be stuck waiting for a year or more, according to Windows Technical Director Tony D’Agostino.

We talked to D’AGOSTINO about the update schedule.

How long will it take?

The update will take about a year, according D’Agnostino, and Microsoft has said that it will roll out the new update in the following months.

When will we see the next Windows 8 version?

Microsoft has not yet said, but we can expect it to be a couple of weeks before the next big Windows 8 update comes out.

Microsoft has already released a number of preview versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.0 and will be updating the software for Windows 8, too.

Does this mean Microsoft is moving to a free upgrade?

That’s not quite true, according for D’AIOSTINO.

Windows 8 is still available for free for businesses and individuals, but D’aiostino told us that the company is planning to make Windows 8 free for consumers as well.

“The same thing applies to the Windows Store, for example.

We are not planning to charge for any of our features in the Windows 8 Store,” D’Angelo said.

Is this a good time to upgrade?

Yes, according the Windows Technical Directors’ Council (WTCC), which is currently monitoring the update process.

Windows 7 and 8 are the two most popular versions of the operating systems and Windows 8 has been downloaded nearly three million times, the council said.

Windows 10 is coming soon, so it’s safe to assume that many people will be happy to see the upgrade to Windows 10.

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