A brother who works at a machine that turns brother-made embroideries into machine finders has been arrested in Australia, after police found it in his backyard.

Key points:Brothers brother’s machine was found in his yard and police seized $500 worth of equipmentThe brother was arrested at his home in MelbourneBrothers mother and brother were among those who discovered the machine, which could be up to 10 years oldThe family is not related to the man who found the machineThe machine can be up a decade old, police saidThe man’s father was visiting his brother in his home when the discovery was made on his front lawn.

“I was actually shocked,” the man said.

“It was my own backyard and it was in a bin in the backyard.”

We had not had any problems before and it looked like something you would have seen in the past.

“The brother went to get his brother and we saw it in the yard.”

Police said the brother’s brother discovered the machinery, which can be as old as 10 years.

“A brother’s sibling’s machine is found in the family’s backyard,” Detective Inspector David Young said.

The man said the machine’s “pretty neat” but he would not give any details of how it was made.

“To me, it looks like something from the 1800s.”

They just take it apart, paint it up and put it together,” he said.

Police said they were also not sure how the brother could possibly have got hold of it.”

He has no record of owning it, but he could have picked it up from a friend or a neighbour,” Detective Superintendent Peter Dyson said.”[He] is not in a position to be using it.

“The brother said he was not sure if he would ever use the machine again.”

Maybe I’ll take it for a spin around the shop,” he joked.”

My brother doesn’t like to work with machines and I’ve never owned a machine.


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