A video showing a child suffering from malnutrition and vomiting after being pushed through a freezer door has shocked the world, as the family of the child said the child is “not an ordinary child” and “just like everyone else”.

The video, uploaded on Thursday by the Facebook page ‘Kathu Thakur’ and shared by the mother of the deceased, shows the mother pushing her son in a stroller in the name of charity and encouraging others to help the child.

But the video also shows the boy, lying on the floor, and his mother pushing him in the same stroller.

The video shows the parents of the boy being taken away by the authorities and being forced to sit in jail.

The police are reported to have taken the child away from the family.

The parents of another boy, also in the stroller, were also taken away.

A statement released by the family said the family is not aware of what happened to the other boy.

“The only person who could save him is the government and they are doing everything possible to stop it from happening again.

But they are also doing nothing.

The government is trying to kill the family for the sake of making money.

We do not know what happened in the last couple of months,” the statement said.

A case has been registered against the police and the family, the statement added.

The video shows a child in a wheel chair being pushed by a woman in a wheelchair.

He is pushed through the ice in a garbage can and falls unconscious.

The boy is said to be severely malnourished, having a severe case of pneumonia and dehydration.

The boy’s mother was reportedly on her way to visit the doctor on Thursday.

A complaint has been lodged by the Kerala government.

The child’s father is in a hospital in Kerala.

The family of one of the dead children has spoken out about the incident and said the boy was only two years old.

The mother of one victim told The Times Of India that she was “stunned and appalled” when she saw the video.

“We are devastated to see such an incident, but there are other families like us who have children like this, who have to suffer,” the mother said.

The family said that they have been making visits to the hospital in the city every few days.

The mother said the police are not taking responsibility for the incident.

“They are trying to prevent the father from taking care of the children,” she said.

A police officer told the Times of Indian that the child was brought to a hospital and a case was registered on Friday.

“There is no evidence to substantiate the claim that the deceased child was an ordinary boy.

We have received reports of a child of similar age being killed and it is being treated as a murder case,” the officer said.

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