Wired has learned that a pair of sewing machines made by a company called Brothers Sewing Machine Co. is available for sale on Amazon for $299.99, a $25 savings over the original retail price of $1,300.

That means the machine will be $40 cheaper than its retail price.

If you already own one, the machine won’t make you look like a $10,000 sex machine.

If not, this new price will help you avoid the dreaded buzzed-about Craigslist ad that comes up when you are looking for a sex toy that you might want to purchase.

“We really thought about this one before we made it, and it really has to do with our own personal experience with sex and sex work,” said the company’s founder, Andrew Johnson.

“It was a very real struggle for us to make something that felt just right, but at the same time feel like a real good price.”

A new kind of sex toy The Brothers’ new machine is the first of its kind to use an internal-combustion engine, rather than a conventional steam-powered pump.

The company made its design with the help of a company that specializes in sewing machines, and the engine is powered by a battery and a small electric motor.

Johnson said he and the other co-founders of Brothers Sewer Machine Co., who are all men, didn’t have any intention of making a sex robot.

They were initially looking to sell the machine on Craigslist, but they realized it would take so long to get a response.

“When it finally came through, we were really blown away,” Johnson said.

“The fact that it would actually be a good product was pretty amazing.

We really had no idea what to expect.”

The new sewing machine uses a two-person sewing machine with two pieces of plywood.

You can see the two pieces in action in the video above.

Johnson’s co-founder, Matthew Staggs, said the new machine also includes a head, two handles, and a hook that can be attached to a belt, but the company did not specify which kind of attachment.

A “spare” hook would have been perfect.

The new machine includes a large button that can open and close the machine, and Johnson said the buttons on the inside are designed to be easy to press and close.

You get three buttons that you use to adjust the speed of the machine: left, right, and middle.

It’s not clear if the new model also includes an internal mechanism that turns the machine around, so you can turn it into a vacuum cleaner.

The machine can also be set to use different speeds depending on the position of the person you’re working with.

You won’t be able to make this thing do the same thing you can do in a traditional sewing machine.

“There’s a lot of stuff you can learn from that one machine that will come into the new one,” Johnson added.

“You’ll probably find it a little bit faster or a little less efficient.”

You’ll need to spend $100 or more for a regular, full-size sewing machine to be considered a “good value.”

The company said the machine is made in a factory in Arizona and will ship worldwide.

Brothers Sew Machine Co.’s website sells the machine for $349.99.

It also offers two models of the same machine, which are both more expensive.

They are the Brothers’ most expensive machine.

It is also available in a $350 version that offers a full-scale machine.

Both machines are sold at the company website for $99.99 and $249.99 respectively.

Johnson says he has not received any requests for any of his co-workers to make the new machines for him.

He said he has no plans to sell any of the machines online, though.

The Brothers are also known for making other machines, like a vacuum that can clean your clothes, and they make a vacuum gun that can kill bacteria and clean your toilet.

The brothers made a machine that can spray you with disinfectant to help prevent infections and the company says that it can even clean your hair and skin.

You should definitely be cautious when buying a new sewing and sexual machine, though, because the Brothers did not provide any guarantee that the new sewing machines are safe for use with your partner.

“As a general rule, you shouldn’t go into a sex shop and try to find out whether a particular machine is going to be a great fit for you,” said Staggers.

“If it’s not, you should probably just go home and think about other things, like making a new wedding cake or getting a tattoo.

That’s the nature of this business.”