We are getting ready to hear the new iPhone from Apple’s official website and we can’t wait to see what it comes with.

If you can, let us know how you feel about this new iPhone and the upcoming headset.

There are two main features that will come with the new Apple iPhone, the Bluetooth headset and the Apple Watch Series 2.

The Bluetooth headset will come in three different colours.

The blue version will come as a standalone, $149 accessory and the pink version will have the Apple logo on the earpiece.

The watch will come without any accessory.

So, in terms of price, the bluetooth headset will cost $49.99, while the watch will cost just $59.99.

The Apple Watch will come out on September 15.

The new Apple Watch series 2 is already available on the market but the first models will be available on September 14.

If the Apple Series 2 is indeed a special edition of the Apple watch then the new device will come only in two colours, blue and pink.