If you’ve got a few minutes to kill before the start of the NFL playoffs, check out our list of the best hip abduction machines in the league. 

A new Hip Abductor machine has been developed by the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians, which is the only hip abduction machine currently in use by the NFL.

The device can take a victim’s hips off, and then it can do the same to their chest and stomach, leaving a gaping wound.

This could be particularly deadly to players with serious injuries, because the device can open and close quickly.

The hip abduction process is a gruesome, but dangerous, procedure, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The Cleveland Browns have used the device for years, but it has never been widely used.

The Browns are reportedly the first team in the NFL to use the device.

But, the device has been around for a while, so the team says it will have a longer shelf life.

“It’s not really new,” Cleveland Browns safety Tashaun Gipson told the Akron Beacon Journal in February.

“We have been using it since I’ve been with the team.”

Cleveland Browns rookie safety Josh Bynes said in January that the hip abduction is a “big deal.” 

The hip abduction has been a staple of sports medicine for decades.

In the 1960s, the American Medical Association recommended that a person should be able to get off the floor if their hips were bent.

In 1999, a study in the American Journal of Surgery found that 90 percent of all injuries sustained by people who had their hips bent at an angle were the result of hip abduction.

In 2003, a team of American medical researchers published a study that showed a person’s chance of developing hip injury increases with the angle of their femoral neck.

This has led to the hip abductor being used in some sports, such as football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

In sports such as boxing, the hip is bent to protect the shoulders from injury.

However, this is the first time that the device was used in a sports injury.

The machine, which the Browns and Indians have been developing for years is not new.

According to the NFL, the devices have been in use since 2000, but the league has never released statistics on how often they are used in football.

The Hip abduction machine has two parts, the thigh and the hip.

The thigh is usually the part of the thigh that is lifted from the ground by the player.

It is pulled off the ground in the direction of the hip, which then is pulled up and around the thigh.

This motion can create a slight, but significant, bend in the thigh of the victim, which can be difficult for the victim to move.

If the hip doesn’t bend, the leg can be pulled off of the ground, causing the victim’s torso to fall.

The other part of a hip abduction involves the hip being pulled up, to the side, and the victim is pulled forward and off the body.

The victim is then pushed back into the ground with a stiffening effect, and sometimes even falls to the ground.

In most cases, this motion is not very dangerous.

But if the knee is bent or if the hip gets twisted, the victim could fall.

According the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Hip Abducetors have been proven to reduce the risk of hip fracture by approximately 40 percent in a study of athletes.

The team also has a new device that is designed to reduce hip fracture in the neck, but has not been approved by the National Football League for use in the field. 

The Browns are in the process of building a machine that could be used by the team during the regular season.

The new device is being tested with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it is expected to be released sometime in late April or early May.

The ankle injury that Cleveland Browns defensive end Tashae Bostic suffered during last season’s regular season is not the first that the Browns have suffered from.

Bostic has been sidelined with a calf injury since May, when he fractured his ankle and dislocated his shoulder in a game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Brians injury was the third time that he had a hip injury, and he missed six games last season.

In April, Bostic had surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

The injury occurred while he was attempting to tackle Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. 

During his rehab from the injury, Brians hip and ankle have not healed properly.

According a source, Brianis hip had to be reconstructed twice and he has not yet been able to put on any type of running shoes.

The source added that Brians injuries are a result of him not being able to use his right knee properly during his rehab. 

With Brians rehab now complete, the Browns are expected to have Brians injured hip back on the field