A state lawmaker plans a virtual farm for Indiana farmers.

Rep. Greg Stumbo says he’s planning to launch a virtual grain processing plant that would offer farmers a small-scale option for their produce.

Stumbo announced the plan in an interview with The Hill.

The virtual farm, which Stumbo hopes will start with grain, would offer consumers a variety of choices for grain products.

It would offer a range of grain products, including some varieties that have never been produced before.

Stumbo said he hopes the virtual farm will provide farmers with an alternative to shipping their produce to feedlots and retailers nationwide.

“It’s important that our food security system works,” Stumbo said.

“It’s not just about exporting the farm product and getting paid for it.

It’s also about the safety of our farmers.”

Stumbo was speaking with TheHill.com as part of an event on the future of agriculture hosted by the National Corn Growers Association.

He said the virtual farming is an experiment that he hopes will prove popular with farmers and help them get out of the agricultural grind.

The farm would also be a source of employment for farm workers, according to the Republican.

The farm would be used for training and training would also help create jobs, he said.

The farmer said the farm would only have one worker, and he plans to provide a paid position to the worker.

The worker would be employed by the virtual crop farm, the congressman said.

Stambo said the company will begin operations by mid-February, which is about a month before the start of the corn crop season.