This is a photo of one of the most popular quilting machine machines at an auction in New York.

Quilters say it has become a critical tool for their work, but it is also an expensive way to learn how to sew.

A photo of the machine at an online auction in August showed a quilter selling a machine for $30,000.

But the buyer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told ABC News it cost $15,000 to buy it.

He said he wanted to show that quilters can be creative and creative minds can be productive.

The machine is part of a large array of quilted fabrics at the auction in Brooklyn, which featured a number of machines.

A picture posted to Instagram showed the machine with a quilt in its basket.

The seller said he was surprised to see it in such good condition.

“I was actually just like, wow, wow,” he said.

“But then when I actually looked at it, it was so cool.”

The quilt is made of quilt fabrics that have been quilked to achieve a soft and fluffy look.

The fabric is a mixture of a soft cotton and silk.

The quilver is a tool that creates a soft, lightweight fabric.

Quilt fabrics are used in quilts for everything from handbags to hats.

The machines are also used to create quiltery patterns.

The sellers were able to purchase the machine in October.

The owner of the online auction told ABC that the machine had sold for $8,000 at a garage sale in Manhattan and $10,000 in another online auction.

The price tag on the auction machine is $30.

It was also on display at a fashion show in New Orleans on Sept. 12, the day before it went on sale.

“The sale was amazing,” the owner said.

The auction sold out.

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