A new machine that can make ice creams and other frozen treats using a device attached to a plastic bag has gained attention from some technology enthusiasts.

The device is called the Sous Vide Ice Maker and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, according to the company that has developed it.

The machines are now available in the U.S. and have become popular with some tech enthusiasts, including people interested in food technology.

The company says its technology is more efficient than traditional sous vide machines.

But for some food scientists, the technology is not quite as elegant as they had hoped.

“I think people have a tendency to think of it as this more complex technology that requires more equipment to operate,” said John Schaffer, a food scientist at the University of California, Davis.

“It’s actually not that complicated.”

He explained that the technology uses an air compressor and an air purifier.

When the air in the compressor is compressed, the water vapor inside the bag evaporates, releasing some of the heat.

The heat is then released back into the air to create more vapor.

In this video, an employee of SousVide Machines shows how to install the device on a plastic cup.

The company is also developing a Sous Vide Machine that can create ice cream using only a single bag, called the Cricut Maker.

SousVides use a vacuum to move the ice cream through the machine.

The machine can make about three to four ice cream servings in a minute, depending on how many bags are in the machine, the company said.

The machine uses the same process as the Slicer Machine, a vacuum and air purification machine that is widely used in restaurants.

However, the Clicut Maker’s design relies on the air purifying process.

“The technology has been proven in this country and we think it’s going to be a very powerful new technology,” Schaffer said.

But Schaffer’s skepticism is not unwarranted.

The device has already been tested in the lab, he said.

Slicers are widely used to make frozen desserts like cookies, chocolate chip cookies and other sugary desserts.

Schaffer also said that it could be possible to make the same product using a more traditional method.

“There are many different ways to make a chocolate chip cookie,” he said, but it wouldn’t be the same as using a vacuum.

“But it’s a very clever way of making ice cream,” he added.

Schaffer said that while his group has been working on the technology, there are a lot of hurdles ahead.

For instance, it’s not clear if the Sricetaker’s air purifiers will function as advertised, which could slow down the machine’s ability to churn ice cream.

The team has also been working with several manufacturers and is looking for partnerships to get the technology to market.