We’re going to spend the next few days getting you ready for work, but first, let’s look at the noise machines at the workplace.

Here’s how they work: A white noise source plays a random sequence of sounds to you.

If it’s the wrong one, you get a notification telling you it’s an error.

This isn’t a bad thing — we want to make sure you get the most out of your work day.

But some noise machines can be quite distracting, and they can be more distracting than others.

Here are a few ways to get them out of our way.


Take a walk to the store.

There are lots of noise machines in stores.

But if you want to take a walk and get the machines out of sight, try these walk to work machine apps.

The Walk to Work app, for example, lets you set up a location where you can go and take a few minutes to get a walk around your office.


Set a reminder.

When you first install an app, it might not make sense to set a reminder — the app will set the alarm automatically every time you turn it on.

If you don’t want that to happen, you can set a time to start a reminder every time.


Use your smartphone to check the noise machine.

You can use your smartphone for this task.

But there are a couple of apps that can help you check the machines.

The Noise Machine is a free app from the App Store that has a built-in function that checks the noise levels in the machines and displays a progress bar.

And the machine can also be controlled with an iPhone.


Make your own noise.

There is a noise machine for every occasion.

You could make your own by buying one of these machines for yourself.

There’s also a noise maker for $9.99, which can produce a lot of noise in the office.


Get rid of the noise.

You’ll find many other ways to stop the noise at home.

If the noise is annoying, just remove the noise from the office and use it in a different location.

You might want to try making your own quieter noise machines that will also make your office quiet.

Or you can buy noise machines to put into the back of your truck or to put in the trunk of your car.


Add your own color.

If your office is a little quieter, you might want some color.

You have a few options to create a new color for your office: A color can be an icon that appears on your desktop, a picture of a wall, or an icon on your mobile device that shows you the color.

For example, if you’re going out for a run and the noise stops at the intersection, you could add a black-and-white icon on the desktop to show you the noise level at the traffic lights.


Set your personal preferences.

If there are more noise machines than you want, there are options for you to set what they are.

For instance, you don: Want the machines to play the same music as you use for your work?

Set a time for them to play music when you arrive at your work.

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