Walmart has made an announcement that will allow people who are struggling to make ends meet to take advantage of its cheap washing machine program.

The company said Thursday that it would allow customers with a credit card and a Walmart account to qualify for free washing machine rentals from June through August.

It also will offer a limited time offer on a wide variety of household items, including furniture, clothes, household items and household appliances.

In addition, Walmart will provide coupons for its other products and services to people with a Walmart credit card.

“We’re committed to giving our customers a chance to succeed, so we’re really excited to see the positive impact these savings and other discounts will have on our customers,” said Julie Smith, vice president and general manager of Walmart’s US stores.

Walmart has a network of about 3 million low-wage workers, many of whom are working in low-paying retail jobs.

Its stores are often located in cities where residents don’t have access to health insurance, and the company has struggled to find ways to increase the pay of its employees.

Walmart is the largest private employer in the country, with more than 11 million employees.

The retailer said it will be using the program to help pay for a range of low-cost services.

In addition to the washing machines program, Walmart is also offering discounts to its employees for their health care costs.

Walmart also will begin offering free, three-month membership cards to low income workers.

It is offering up to 50 percent off a single purchase of up to $20 at participating stores and online through May 6.

The company also said it is partnering with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help people with housing costs.

Walmart also is expanding its low-energy program, allowing employees to purchase energy-efficient light bulbs.

While Walmart has been doing this for years, the company said it’s going ahead with it for the first time because of its success with its other low-power and low-emissions programs.