Recode is reporting that Microsoft’s new machine is the fastest machine on Earth and could theoretically handle anything from running your home to running the entire world.

It’s also one of the most powerful machines on the world.

We’re using the Microsoft Azure cloud to power these machines, and we’ve seen it to be extremely effective at handling many complex tasks.

Microsoft says that Microsoft Azure is “a powerful, scalable, distributed computing platform that delivers a number of services, including virtualization, analytics, automation, and cloud computing, across a wide range of platforms, with capabilities for managing massive data sets.”

The machine is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Xeon E5-2660 v4 processor and an Nvidia Quadro M600 graphics card.

Microsoft also says it’s capable of running “the largest database on the internet in real time” and has “multiple operating systems, a full Windows desktop, and multiple storage tiers including HDDs and SSDs.”

The server runs Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software, according to Microsoft.

The machine has six CPUs and a dedicated storage array for the server, which Microsoft says can support 1TB of RAM.

The server also comes with a “high-performance” graphics card with 512MB of memory.

Microsoft also says the machine is able to run at a maximum of 1TB per month.

The machine’s software can also be used to run an “optimized version of Azure” that can “compute more efficiently.”

Microsoft’s machine has a 2TB hard drive and two 512GB solid state drives, according for Microsoft.