Tennis balls can sometimes be a bit loud, so if you’re planning to use a tennis machine, here’s a quick tip for making it sound like it’s a real ball.


If the tennis ball is going to be used for a specific purpose, use a different string.


Set the string to a higher pitch and lower octave than your typical tennis ball.


The tennis ball should vibrate like a real tennis ball, but at a higher, louder pitch.


If you have a special purpose for the tennis balls, try changing the pitch of the string as well.


When you play tennis, the ball should bounce back to the player in the same way it bounced from the ground.


If your tennis balls bounce back at a lower pitch, you should be able to feel the bounce.


The sound of your tennis ball will not be the same as the sound of a real, real tennis game.


If a tennis player is holding onto the ball while you play, the sound will be louder and louder.


If it is raining or the sun is shining, it will sound more like a rain or sun splash.


If there is a thunderstorm in the area, it can sound like thunder.


If someone is in a wheelchair, it might sound like they are holding a tennis racket.


The noise of the ball will be slightly different from the noise of a tennis match.


If one tennis player tries to play the ball from behind, they might get the ball stuck in the clay or on the net.


When playing tennis, it is best to put your racket on the ground and play from the back, instead of the front.


If some part of your racket is not touching the ground, it’s best to place it on the grass.


If both players have a tennis net, it should be very close to the net and you can play from that area, instead.


When the racket is on the floor, it shouldn’t have too much of a racket or you will hear the racket’s vibrations.


If playing on a grass court, if it is too hard, the racket might not have enough resistance to the tennis player.


If all you hear are the racket and the tennis players feet on the court, you can use a net, but don’t use it to play tennis.


When it is cold outside, it may sound like the wind is blowing, and it can be hard to feel a tennis club when you’re playing.


If that is not the case, you might be able feel the racket vibration.


If an area is dry, it could be easier to feel that the racket vibrates when you are on the tennis court.


If not enough wind is coming through, it won’t sound like that noise you hear when the wind blows.


If people are not using the racket, the noise might be muted.


If at night, you hear a lot of thunder, you may be able hear the tennis racket vibration when you play.


If somebody is standing right in front of the tennis rack, they should be wearing a tennis glove.


If tennis balls are in the basket, the tennis club should be on the opposite side of the basket.


When players are playing, the loud racket will be heard in the next court they are about to play.


When people are playing on the same court, it sounds like there is more racket than there is tennis ball in the court.


When a person is playing in a small court, the court should be as large as possible.


When someone is playing with a tennis racquet, the racquet should not be so close to them as to be in the middle of the court or close to their body.


When using a tennis rack to hold a tennis bat, it helps if it’s not so high as to interfere with their sight lines.


If two players are standing on opposite sides of the net, the rubber on the side facing the net should be closer to the players face than the other side.


If everyone is playing on their own court, there should be a few tennis balls and tennis racquets.


When there are a lot or some players, it makes sense to put the tennis racchets on the bottom of the courts.


If many people are at a table playing tennis with each other, it would be better if there are only two or three tennis racques in the table.


When two or more players are using the same tennis racket, it doesn’t sound as if there is an advantage to having the racket on one side.


If more than one player is using the tennis machine or a tennis paddle, it does not sound as though there is the advantage of having the ball on one hand