Posted March 26, 2018 09:24:23 You may already have a chocolate sludge machine at home, but now you can make your very own by using a handheld food-processing unit (FPU) like the Slushie Maker.

The Slushies Maker comes with a built-in temperature sensor, which is useful for setting the correct sludge temperature for the machine’s sludge mix, according to The Verge.

To get started, the Slurpee Maker uses a simple recipe for making a sludge: Mix a batch of the best chocolate-based food (including chocolate chip) you can find, mix in the sugar and a dash of vanilla extract, then pour the mixture into a pan that’s about 1/3 full.

You’ll be greeted by a countdown clock and a menu with options like “Add the coffee,” “Scoop the sludge,” “Add water,” and “Pour water into the slurry.”

To create the best sludge possible, you’ll need a mixer that can hold at least 8 cups of sugar, which will be necessary to make the best caramel flavor.

To do this, you can use a food processor that’s smaller than the Sludgelink, which weighs around 1.5 pounds.

To make the sludgelike consistency, you’d first need to combine the sugar with a mix of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and cocoa extract.

Next, the slurpee maker comes with three steps that you can follow to ensure your sludge is smooth and fluffy.

Start by pressing down on the dough to make it stick together.

Then, add the vanilla extract to the bottom of the dough, and add another mix of ingredients.

After mixing, you should be able to get the sluds to a smooth consistency.

To keep the sluice from becoming too runny, the recipe recommends adding more water to help keep it from sticking.

After a few minutes, you’re ready to add the final step to make a slushy.

Pour the liquid into the mold and then place the slush in the tray.

The slush will eventually expand to the size of a cup.

After a few more minutes, the liquid should start to fall off the tray, which makes the sluff a little bit runny.

If you’re not quite satisfied with your sludginess, you may want to try some of the other flavor options in the Slutty Slushy recipe, which comes with two different recipes for sweet and savory flavors.

You can check out the Slumpy Slush recipe in action below, and learn how to make more delicious, chocolate-infused slush treats like this one.

Source: Mashable