What You Need To Know About your pregnancy before you get started: Before you start having sex, be sure you know how your body is reacting to the hormones that your body’s producing.

You should also know if your body has a certain type of blood vessel.

Do your blood pressure or heart rate fluctuate?

You may need to adjust your lifestyle if you have a higher risk of pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor about any side effects you’re experiencing.

Do you feel more relaxed, energetic, or in control of your body?

Are you more aware of your breathing?

If you’re having a baby, have you had any changes in how your hormones affect your body after the birth?

Is there a change in your skin, hair, or makeup?

Talk to a doctor if your blood sugar, cholesterol, or other health factors are low.

Talk with your doctor if you’re worried about pregnancy-related changes in your weight or if you feel a higher chance of getting pregnant with a high risk for miscarriage.

Are you able to use the same sex toys that you do with your partner?

Some toys have more of a male feel than others.

It’s important to find out if the toy feels like your partner’s.

Do other men’s toys feel like your toys?

Some of the toys in the toys section may feel like a toy you use with a partner.

Have you had sex in the past 12 months?

Do you use condoms?

If so, have they kept your partner safe?

If not, have any of your partners ever had STDs?

Do condoms protect you from HIV?

You should be able to get tested for STDs and HIV before you start sex.

You can get tested through your health insurance plan, but if you do not have health insurance, you can get testing at a clinic.

Talk about the risks and benefits of using condoms.

Do the toys and toys that have a male vibe feel like the toys you use on a male partner?

Have you ever had sex with a male in a foreign country?

Do men have more sex partners than women?

Are there more sex acts?

Are men more likely to use vibrators?

Are they more likely than women to have vaginal intercourse?

Are male toys more attractive?

Do male toys have a sexual appeal?

Is it true that some male toys feel more masculine than other toys?

You can learn more about sex toys in this section.

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