Bobcat’s best bread machines have won the title of best bread maker for 2018, with the machine winning the Best Bread Machine category for the fourth consecutive year.

The Bobcat Xpress 2 is the latest Bobcat to win the award, as it has been one of the top-selling machines for the past five years.

Bobcat won the Best Benchmark category in 2018, winning the best benchmark machine category in 2017 and 2017’s Best Benchmarks category in 2016.

Bobcats best machines, the Xpress, Xpress Pro and Xpress Platinum, have all been winners of the Benchmark Category for the first time since the machine was first introduced in 2008.

The machines are available in six colors: red, orange, purple, yellow, blue and white.

In 2018, Bobcat has won seven categories, including Best Benchmaster, Best Benchmaker for Women, Best Bread Maker, Best Machine for a Kitchen, Best Kitchen Chef and Best Bread for a Catering.

BobCat machines are also known as the Bobcat Kitchen, Bobcats Kitchen and Bobcat Machines.

BobCats products are made in the USA.