Machine-learning technology that allows robots to perform tasks like taking photos and finding food could soon allow humans to help out robots.

The idea of robots as ‘bots’ could soon be a thing of the past.

Business Insider reports that one startup has developed a machine-learning system that allows machines to learn from their own actions.

Called MRI, the idea is to take existing robotic systems and make them smarter.

The researchers behind the project, from the University of Waterloo in Canada, said that their new technology could help robots in various industries such as healthcare and agriculture.

The team says that robots could soon become an integral part of our daily lives, especially in the food sector, where robots have been used in many industries.

The company is developing the technology using data from human and robotic tasks.

For example, robots can now learn to perform a variety of tasks like sorting and sorting by color, and could also help farmers pick vegetables.

The technology would allow robots to work on multiple tasks at once, making them able to perform the same tasks at a different speed.

This would be especially useful for farmers as they would be able to switch between tasks at the drop of a hat.

The robot can also learn the best way to carry out certain tasks, such as picking up leaves and taking photos.

MRI’s technology could be used to improve the robot’s performance in various tasks, allowing it to be used in a variety more efficiently, such for example to pick fruit in the field.

A robot can be programmed to pick lettuce, but it could also learn to carry it and move it by hand.

There’s a whole bunch of potential applications for MRI in agriculture.

For instance, robots could help in the process of growing lettuce by collecting soil and then planting it into the soil.

Another application could be in harvesting fruits from the ground, as the lettuce could then be used for food.

The device would also be able in the future to do things like pick up flowers, such that they could be stored as compost, or even used to make flowers.

Mri’s developers hope that it could ultimately be used by agriculture to help the robots carry out various tasks.

But it is clear that there is still a long way to go before the robots are able to work together in such a way.

For now, MRI will work as a system that helps robots learn to work with each other, rather than as a robot with its own autonomy.

MRO, a startup in Denmark, has developed robots that can recognize objects from different environments, like cars and furniture, and then pick up objects based on that.

Mro said in a statement that it was using machine learning to build a robotic system that would automatically identify objects in a given environment.

These robots could also be used as tools, as MRI has already demonstrated using its system to pick up a forklift that it had to move on its own.

The system could be even more useful when working in a warehouse where it would have to perform other tasks.

The new system could help the robot pick up food from shelves that are stacked one on top of the other.

MRAX, a Danish startup, is developing robots that are designed to perform various tasks in a lab environment, and also as a food processing system.

It uses machine learning technology to automatically identify food ingredients.

It’s unclear whether this system will eventually work in the grocery store, or whether it will be used solely for food processing.

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