In a new report, the environmental advocacy group Greenpeace has ranked the largest, scarisest, most dangerous, and costliest pollution disasters of the 21st century, including air pollution in cities and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The environmental group ranks the top five pollution disasters at a rate of 2,300 events per day, according to the report, which is part of its “Counting the Costs” series.

“Pollution costs billions every day across the globe,” Greenpeace President Scott Pruitt said in a statement.

“While we may not agree on a solution, it is clear that we must do better at reducing emissions.”

Here are the top 10 polluters:1.

Oil spills: $8 billion in direct costs2.

Coal-fired power plants: $1.2 trillion in indirect costs3.

Gas pipelines: $9 billion4.

Nuclear power plants (and their fuel): $1 trillion5.

Coal mining: $3.8 trillion6.

Aircraft emissions: $7.2 billion7.

Oil-related air pollution: $4.9 trillion8.

Oil and gas drilling: $2.3 trillion9.

Nuclear waste: $800 billion10.

Air pollution from power plants and the power sector: $18 trillion