A man can sew just as well as a woman, but that’s not necessarily the case, according to a new study. 

In a survey of more than 4,000 men and women from across the United States, researchers found that the men who do the most work are also the men most likely to be satisfied with their lives. 

A study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that men who are involved in a variety of hobbies, including sewing, knitting, and carpentry were the most likely men to be happy with their work. 

“Men who participate in hobbies and who are engaged in work that they feel is rewarding and fulfilling can expect a high level of satisfaction from their careers,” the study said. 

Men who are interested in more leisure activities, like hobbies and socializing, have more opportunities to experience hobbies and to learn new hobbies. 

The study also found that those who are active in sports or hobbies, and who want to pursue hobbies that they find rewarding and enjoyable, tend to be more satisfied than those who do not participate in these activities. 

Women who are more interested in sports and hobbies have a greater chance of being satisfied with the work they do and are less likely to have their career end in financial or personal distress. 

Researchers said that while men have more hobbies than women, they also have more careers than women. 

There are many things that women enjoy that men enjoy, including the pursuit of hobbies and hobbies-like hobbies-and-sports, according the study.

Men also enjoy more leisure time, according with the study, which found that they have an average of four hours of leisure time a day and have an estimated average of 25 hours of vacation per year.

Women are more likely to pursue other interests that involve their interests and hobbies, according, according.

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