The last two weeks have been filled with moments that make you laugh out loud.

Here are 10 things that will blow your mind.


A whale that swims through the ocean in the air.

The first time I saw a whale float in the ocean I thought, “Wow, what a crazy idea.”

It was a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and I have a feeling there are a lot of whale enthusiasts around the globe who would love to do this.

A few years ago, scientists from the University of Sydney and Australian National University, along with marine biologists, launched a project to capture and film whales floating in the sea.

The aim is to study their social behaviour and their oceanic movements, and eventually, to study the effects of climate change on these animals.

So far, the project has captured images of the largest and smallest whales, with scientists reporting that they look like adults, and that they can weigh up to 50 tonnes.

The whale floats, it’s beautiful, it is very beautiful.


A robot called ‘Egghead’.

If you don’t think robots can be fun, think again.

Last year, a team from MIT announced a robot called Egghead that can learn from and imitate human speech and behaviour.

This is how Egghead works: it looks like an egg and then it makes noises, mimicking human speech patterns.

You can watch the video below, in which Egghead is shown a range of human speech, but then it begins to mimic the human voice, mimics what the human says, and it says, “What you do is what you say”.

So it learns to mimic what you do, and Egghead can then use this to learn from what you’ve said.

You might say, “Hey, I want to go to the beach,” or, “I want to buy a sandwich.”

It can also learn from your gestures.


An elephant that walks on two legs.

When I was a child, I used to watch a lot, and I’d think that walking on two feet was really cool.

I remember being really excited when I would walk up to a tree to climb it and I would see a lot more than I usually would, and the trunk would grow in my hand.

So, I just had this weird image in my mind of an elephant that had two legs and was walking on a two-leg.

This was a very exciting thought for me, so I started looking into it, and there was a lot that I was learning about the evolution of animals and about their anatomy and their behavior.

So this is a really interesting idea.


A spider that uses an ant-eater to hunt its prey.

In a video released by the University, a researcher showed how the ant-eaters, which are normally just winged creatures, actually use a different strategy to other spiders.

When they’re looking for prey, the spider starts to use the ant to help it in its search.

It does this by creating holes in the ground and using the ant’s sting to puncture the ant, causing it to stop chasing it and it becomes less attracted to the spider.

In this way, the ant helps the spider keep its distance, and also the spider’s body can absorb the sting from the ant and then, eventually, it will fall asleep and not have to chase after the spider anymore.


An astronaut in space.

Last week, NASA launched a robotic probe called Astroscan, which is a bit like a tiny spaceship.

It can detect things like dust, bacteria, and even light.

The probe is also able to detect the light emitted by the sun, which can help astronauts in the future make contact with extraterrestrial life, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

For example, it can measure the amount of sunlight that hits it, which could tell astronauts how much radiation they’re exposed to, or it can tell them when it’s safe to return to Earth.


A flying car.

A lot of people are excited about electric cars, but a lot also worry about the potential dangers of these vehicles.

In October last year, NASA released a video showing an electric vehicle taking off and making a short stop in a parking lot.

This time, it didn’t crash.

The car did make a very impressive amount of speed, even though it’s powered by an electric motor, and this speed was so impressive that the vehicle actually made a U-turn.


A rocket engine that turns itself into a cannon.

NASA recently launched a rocket engine which turns itself to a cannon, which shoots out a ball of high-pressure gas that is launched towards its target.

When the ball reaches its target, it explodes, creating a big explosion.


A giant octopus that floats on a treadmill.

Octopus swimming on a trampoline sounds like a crazy concept, but NASA recently released a movie of octopus swimming while

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