If you’re looking for a place to look for news, news sites are popping up everywhere.

And the Jerusalem Post is no exception.

The new app, which was introduced in late July, gives you a way to quickly check the status of any news story or article you might be interested in.

The app also features a new feature called a “news filter,” which shows which articles are in the news and what topics they cover.

The Jerusalem Post offers news on the ground in the form of maps, interactive map cards, video clips, and news articles.

You can browse news for any topic by heading to the app’s news section and clicking the “Find News” button.

The new Jerusalem post app has several new features, including a new news filter, a “Read More” section, and a “Follow Me” section.

The news feed of the new app is also a little more interactive than previous versions.

Instead of simply displaying the news feed on a black background, you can swipe across to the right to reveal the news.

There, you’ll see a timeline that lists the latest updates and new stories.

When you’re reading a story, the app shows the latest headlines and a description.

You’ll also be able to read articles by heading over to the “Follow” section to see the latest tweets, articles, and other content.

While the app is pretty basic, there’s still a lot to love about it.

It has a pretty large selection of stories and news, but it also has a “follow me” section where you can find new stories and new headlines.

The app is still not optimized for mobile devices and users who don’t have a device will have to go through the usual steps to get updates and news.

It is worth noting that the new update does not include a news feed or news source indicator.

It also does not automatically save any new stories to your news feed.

It’s possible to manually edit the app to have the news feeds displayed.

You can also download the new version of the app for free, but there is a fee to get the full version.

It is $2.99, and the new “Read” section has a $3.99 price tag.

If you’re a loyal reader of the Jerusalem post, you might enjoy using the new platform.

You may also want to check out other apps in the same category, such as the Israel Hayom newspaper app.

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