A few months ago, we told you that a Bobcat machine could be used to test the viability of a 3D printer and the possibilities of 3D printing in space.

Well, a few days later, NASA has confirmed that the Bobcats will continue to be used as a 3d printing testing tool.

The Bobcat has been used for several years for various tests.

Its been used to make prototypes for space probes, and its been used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to conduct underwater soundings.

But it was also used in 2016 to test an X-ray laser printer, as part of a test to see if the machine could produce the light produced by an X, Y and Z laser.

The NASA announcement was a bit surprising to some.

The Bobcat is not a high-performance 3D printers like the X-Ray laser or the LaserMax.

It’s a very basic printer, designed for simple tasks like printing simple objects.

But the machine was used in a number of other ways, including making measurements of the structure of a material and making a series of measurements to see how it changed under different temperatures and pressure.NASA says it’s also used it for things like measuring a sample of water to see whether it has dissolved.

NASA also uses it to measure the pressure and temperature of a particular part of the machine.

So if you have an XRay laser in the machine, you can measure how much of that laser you get.NASA isn’t done with its testing.

It says that it is also working on an XO laser that will allow it to make high-resolution 3D scans of objects.

The XO machine is a 3-D printer that is much more powerful than the BobCat machine, and it can produce higher resolution scans.

So the Bobcats will be useful for NASA to study the properties of materials in space, and the NASA announcement confirms that NASA will continue using them for tests of the XO Laser and the XRay Laser.NASA did say that the XOO laser is expected to be ready for prime time in 2020.